Work Experience Program

MSB’s staff recognizes the importance of preparing students for the world of work.  Students can apply for various on-campus work opportunities beginning at the age of 14. Students can work as direct assistants to secretaries, librarians, or Residential Education Parents. They can also work in the cafeteria or student center as well as provide peer tutoring to other students..  Students work under the guidance of staff members with expertise in the areas to which they are assigned.

Students interested in the work-experience go through a series of real-world processes including filling out an application and participating in an actual interview. Once the student is accepted into the program they then go through a virtual on-the-job type of training for the position. Students must complete time sheets and submit them based on a pre-determined work calendar. Students receive a salary based on a graduated pay scale.

Success stories include students who have attended college and earned living expenses/spending money using the skills learned through MSB’s Work Experience Program.