Mississippi School for the Blind has several students participating in sports with our sister school Mississippi School for the Deaf.
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2018 MSD Bulldogs Football Schedule

2018 Lady Bulldogs Volleyball


The Mississippi School for the Blind athletic department is designed to provide the opportunity for blind and visually impaired athletes to compete in challenging activities that further enhance their overall experience at MSB. The athletic department has a history of producing outstanding scholar athletes with a focus on teamwork, camaraderie, and character building. Students that participate in athletics at MSB must maintain a satisfactory academic grade level in all courses and demonstrate an ability to promote themselves as positive role models to fellow students. The athletic department consists of cheerleading, wrestling, and track.

Students at MSB participate in various athletic competitions. Although our primary competition is with other schools for the blind, our athletes also compete against public schools in non-conference meets. Our athletic department is a part of the South Central Association of Schools for the Blind (SCASB). Our program has produced numerous team championships as well as individual championships since our inception into the SCASB Conference. Some of our athletes have gone on to compete nationally as well.

Our athletic program is rich in tradition. Student athletes begin participating as early as seventh grade and many continue to be active athletically for the duration of their high school years. Students younger and older gain character traits coupled with a sense of discipline that is embedded in them. The MSB athletic program helps to develop young men and women into able and motivated individuals ready to deal with the challenges set before them in competition and life.