Welcome to the Mississippi State School for the Blind (MSB). We are confident that the experience offered at MSB for the students will provide opportunities for growth and development toward becoming a productive citizen. Students and parents, this guide is a handbook to introduce you to the Mississippi School for the Blind. It is intended to act as a reference to further guide our paths toward reaching the goals established by the Mississippi Department of Education as it relates to student growth and development. The handbook is a resource that includes information about the school, its variety of programs and services, as well as common policies for the four state schools that parents should become aware of. In addition, it serves as an outline for activities of interest to both the students and parents. We hope you find the information compiled in this handbook helpful and informative as your child advances through the opportunities available at MSB. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great year!

Mrs. Tonya Green, Interim Superintendent