Mississippi state statutes require candidates for admission to Mississippi School for the Blind (MSB) to have a documented vision loss (50% of normal vision or worse) as the primary disability and to be a resident of the State of Mississippi.

Students may be referred to MSB by their Local Education Agency (LEA), families, doctors, rehabilitation counselors or other interested individuals.  It is highly recommended that parents work through their LEA when considering application to MSB.

The referral process is a two-step process.  The initial step includes a tour of the campus and a vision education assessment.  After the visit, an informative report addressing vision needs will be sent to the parent and LEA Director of Special Education.  Once a recommendation is made regarding a request for admission by the LEA along with the application made by the parent, all admission documents will be reviewed by the MSB Admission Committee for a recommendation regarding placement at MSB.

For more information or to request a Vision Education Assessment, please call 601-984-8207